“Picture.Me.Here” is a photographic storytelling program for refugees living in the Denver metro area. In this program refugees, working as collaborative teams, are taught how to use cameras as tools to document, communicate, and connect with their new neighbors and surroundings. The project is led by Brigid McAuliffe and Erin Preston with additional teachers Lauren Dorn and Birendra Dhakal. Classes began early June at Mercy Housing/Grace Apartments and at the Asian Pacific Development Center (APDC). Photos made during the summer will be shown at the CPAC gallery October 5 – 19.

A special donation page has been set up on CPAC’s profile page at www.coloradogives.org. If you are interested in supporting “Picture.Me.Here” or want to learn more about the program please call us or visit the project home page at www.picturemehere.org.

Participants at Grace Apartments represent a diverse group in ages and ethnicities. Refugees working out of APDC are Karen parents who will partner with their teenage children. (The Karen people are an ethnic group living in South-East Asia. About 50,000 Karen refugees have been resettled in America, Canada, Australia, and some European countries.)

One of the goals of the program is to train students to become teachers for future classes, providing internships, employment and leadership opportunities for refugees. Our instructor Birendra Dhakal is a refugee from Bhutan who has developed great teaching skills and has already become a great asset to the teaching staff.

“Picture.Me.Here” began last year. 2012’s project involved collaborations with Bhutanese women and an exhibition at PlatteForum. Some of those images will have a second showing at Emily’s Coffee in downtown Denver this month, with a special World Refugee Day event on the 20th of June.

We are grateful to the following donors who have already given generously to the project: Ralph Nagel, The Matthew M. Brown Fund, the Belay Fund of the Denver Foundation, and Lily Berger.


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