About CPAC

New location: 1513 Boulder St, Denver

Location: 1513 Boulder St, Denver, CO 80211

The Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. CPAC is dedicated to fostering the understanding and appreciation of photography in all aspects and genres through promotion, exhibition, and education.

Mission: CPAC is dedicated to fostering the understanding and appreciation of photography in all forms and concepts through exhibitions, education and community outreach.

Location and Program: CPAC is  located on Boulder St. in Denver’s Lo-Hi neighborhood. We are easily accessible by public transport, bike, or on foot, and are close to many restaurants and coffee shops. Downtown art galleries and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver are a short walk away. Classes and workshops are hosted on-site and at various off-site locations. CPAC operates Denver’s only rental darkroom open to the public, which is located inside the historic Zang Mansion on Capital Hill.

Funding: CPAC’s funding is provided by income from educational programming, membership dues, donations, and grants. CPAC receives major funding from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD), Tier III.

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Staff and Board (As of August 2013). Rupert Jenkins, Executive Director; Sherea Spalding, Director of Operations. Adjunct Staff: Paul Sisson, Erin McCarley.

Board of Directors: Edie Winograde  (Chair), Donna Altieri, Monique Crine, Gary Emrich, Wayne Harris, Carol Keller; Conor King; Andy Lillie; Micah Messenheimer; Gary Reed, Valerie Santerli.

Exhibitions Chair: Conor King. Advisors: Natascha Seideneck, Micah Messenheimer.

Development Chair: Monique Crine

Strategic Plan Coordinators: Rupert Jenkins, Wayne Harris, Carol Keller, Gary Emrich, Gary Reed, Edie Winograde.

Blog Editor: Leah Swenson.

Winter/Spring 2014 Interns:  Rebecca Holt, Camille Breslin, Kathy Hua, Caitlin Core, Lindy Brooks