Fashion/Culture 2.0


Fashion/Culture 2.0

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Photo by El Salon/Kevin Alexander, inspired by Grace Jones

A Tribute to Icons of Fashion and Culture

Thank you for making Fashion/Culture 2.0 a huge success! Photo booth images will be posted soon.
In the meantime, check out this great slide show in Westword by photographer Ken Hamblin III.
(Did you get some good shots? Post them here!  #fashionculturecpac @cpacphoto)

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Congratulations to Alyxandra Leigh, the winner of our Fashion Culture photo Contest!

Alyxandra has this to say about Fashion Culture:

“Fashion culture is not just about the clothes and the way you wear them, it is how you express yourself and define your creative role in society. Fashion has redefined the word “clothing” and turned it into a lifestyle in which each individual can flaunt a part of what makes them who they are to the world…proudly and without any hesitation.
Ralph Lauren said it best himself, “Fashion is about something that comes from within you”. You are a culture! from the shirt you throw on in the morning when you’re late to school , from the dress you spent weeks shopping for just so you can make incredible memories on a night out with friends. Fashion is a part of every day life, it brings people together, and makes people fearless when expressing their beliefs, who they are, and simply what makes them an individual in a world where we are all fighting the same fight to be seen, heard, and accepted for what makes us unique.”


Image Credit: Alyxandra Leigh

Image Credit: Alyxandra Leigh